Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hey everyone !

..listen to my sister sing ! (:

sister summer cleaning

don't get it twisted.

Warning: TEASER

steven's tang tang

went out for steven's birthday to some karaoke bar.. which wans't really a karaoke thing and more a viet mafia bar thing after a while.. lol i was slightly scared and tipsy lol interesting night.. all i gotta say for now. happy birthday steven again!

lemonade addiction

spent the hottest day in toronto at jayare's making food, lemonade for the first time, then making a lemon dildo, attempting kinect, and watching Arthur (some next chick flick) lol i think making lemonade gave jayare some kind of addiction

boobs with boys

went to hooters for the first time last week with the boys after a recording sesh. it was interesting.. all you can eat wings. i slowly regretted eating a bit before then :( i was dead half was in the second round lol even pooing in between (my main strategy) didnt work ! but overall, im not much of a wings person.. i need my rice with my meat. just sayin.


two sunday's ago, went to Samantha's bonfire. it was nice and chilled and the very first time i ever roasted marshmallows on an actual fire.. i was scared.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Art Starts"

went to UNITY breakdance practice yesterday with the little one. got inspired again to try this out... again lol learned a couple freezes and footwork stuff.. woke up sore this morning with bruises on my knees :( oh well. i kinda liked what i was wearing that day. new find from value (shirt)

Lykke Li Medley

Just cause.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Warning shoot

Filmed for Plaitwrights first official music video for Warning. It surprisingly took about 3ish, 4 hours without much planning and just going with whatever lol but the whole thing was pretty damn legit. Three cameras going, everyone at kenslington staring at us... mainly blowsie though lol. she was a hit. It was an amazing day out too.. just really damn hot, got soo sweaty before even getting there. but overall it was fun, tiring and real exciting to get a little sneak peak of what's in store for us in the future. this is definitely the first of many music videos bloggers, so watch out for that! we have soo much more we're dying to share with everyone! starting with Warning.. i really can't wait for when it's done ahh =/ I'm honestly soo greatful for everyone who's so supportive and believes in us. i thank you so much! and a special thanks to marthy and Vincent for the awesome job in filming our video.. its not edited and already i love it lol <3 can't wait!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Pretty eventful day. Performed at probably my last community church picnic that happens annually. Sang with adie and heidy, my lovely church ladies. Did pretty well, people liked us :) And then went straight to see the UNITY charity event at dundas with the sisters. Also met up with xylk and Camille. Remembered from my journal I read a couple days ago, that today was exactly a year ago, I met xylk at center island for a BBQ/ rehearsal so we celebrated a little by eating somewhere other than mc Donalds lol couldnt take many pictures cause sister had my camera -_____-

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Hometown horny"

Yet another Plaitwrights sesh today. Got to xylks early and finished a song which I must admit is pretty sick lol then met up with his friend to discuss shooting our music video for warning which is happening on Tuesday!! :) Super excited, it should be fun! Till then with Plaitwrights! Lets hope youre ready!

HOPSON! (with a british accent)

Tuesday was the first day at work since April.. pretty sick close cause of the people that day. chilled with jamie before we both worked and then walked with her after to jayare's to see his new pet rabbit Hopson (with a british accent) lol loooved his ears for the way they were so floppy xD

Monday, July 4, 2011


First plaitwrights sesh of the summer. Finished up two songs.. Bloggers, im telling ya, this summer shall do great things for us, guaranteed :) realized I didnt take any pictures today till after, so when jayare, jamie and jezer came to visit I just took some of them lol

Sunday, July 3, 2011

hey, ho, let's go!

hi... just camera whoring =/ new ramones shirt! H&M and rope braid!

Adie's first fish

Went out for sushi with adie and heidy before church today. it was adie's first with sushi! ehe