Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Not my dog

Went to check out the venue tonight for our Jan 31st show with xylk, Antonio and mae. Really small venue. But intimate.. Very very intimate. performed a couple songs for their open mic. hope to get ourselves ready by then.

ps. thank you for everything you've done for me. i could take every bad joke, every mock, every really ugly look, it's worth just knowing you, let alone having you as a great friend AND musical partner. im sorry for all the doubts and silliness before. I'm really glad i met you and i couldn't ask for a better partner. thanks for keeping me grounded. i know i have your word that we'll make this duo the best anyone's seen while sticking to who we are. plaitwrights <3

Thursday, December 22, 2011

used and useless

i dont know how anyone could feel left out in a two person thing, but thats how i feel. i could be taking initiative but now i feel like whatever i do wont matter. my voice is a lot smaller than the other person and i cant blame anyone but myself. i could let everything happen the way it is, take some credit and do shit i dont reaaaally wanna do but then why even do it if it's not me. and it actually bothers me to see shit out on public to things im part of and never agreed to. its funny how the person who believes in me so much also make me feel so small. i shouldnt feel this way, but i do.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Started my christmas shopping after work. went a little off and not even close to done. 
I love the things i got so far, got me all excited. 
needa start cleaning/decorating my house for tuesday! 
and needa figure out what imma make.. im excited.

my nose can see you..

Saturday, December 17, 2011

One thing.

One thing I try to improve about myself is sticking up for myself. One thing I never do and get pissed off about myself is sticking up for myself. The balls I need to gain need to grow now before I completely lose it and become the one thing I was originally supposed to be in this current life, a doormat.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


For the first time, I can actually say i tried and REALLY mean it. Now I know it only happens when you love something so bad you'll kill yourself trying.. You win this time.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Went to my cousins baby shower today. was nice seeing most of the family again. It's pretty crazy how much older everyone's gotten and starting to see the next generation plie in. The future intrigues me.

Tryna finish up this grant for tomorrow's business class and hoping i can do my sound & recording assignment during my break tomorrow :/ Wanna get through this week, kinda don't. Wish my program for school was a lot longer...

Anyways, here's what i wore today and sister and I being a little silly
And yes, i need new blinds or at least curtains to cover them.. SOON! (:

Saturday, December 10, 2011

chellay's ting ting

went to raychelle's little surprise party her mom invited me to with her family. I felt bad that i was the only friend her mom invited who came so i quickly invited jezer cause i knew she really wanted him there. it was fun (: meeting her whole family and everything. she seemed really happy tonight. and happy friends make me happy.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


two slacker days in a row... not good.
its those damn "Spirited Away" movies!! Sister bought tons of them and 
im slowly becoming addicted trying to understand everything and their deeper meanings
and messages :| Meanwhile, this grant won't write itself.
And i NEED to record something this weekend! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


just posted a few pictures and stuff i've been meaning to post for a while.. 
room is 80% done.
i still love school and work.
been very organized and happy lately. 
and happy is good.
and good things make me smile.

.. though i DID slack off today. sister put on "Spirited Away" and i ended up barely doing any homework after.. so much for starting my grants today lol damn.


.. i dont even drink water anymore..


4 different windows 7 phones
worst to best in terms of screens and stuff with jayare..


She's amazing and made me cry.
Mae Janelle Berte.

"Go on and try to tear me down."
ps. you changed the song for me completely to something so much more


SoCan Awards Show with a few of the lovely & talented classmates of mine (:
Got to see and hear from so many classic, well known artists from Canada
fun, inspirational night.

Lykke Li Concert & Videoo

First of MANY Lykke Li concerts.
ps. the only reason i cant wait to be 19 is to go to concerts that are 19+
..avoid silly fan girls and such

oh! and here's my cover to one of her songs with the t-shirt i got (:

LYKKE LI'S DRUMSTICK!! be jealous.