Thursday, September 29, 2011

One Night Blues

Check it, 18 seconds, real quick and painless (: Just for a little project for school. Turned out to be pretty sick, hopefully we can make it a full song soon! Julian is a lifesaver (:

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


i got some equipment for my recording over the weekend. Apogee one audio interface ($250) and Audio Midi Axiom 49 (used $130) and still have my protools ordered! cant wait to be hella confused with tryna record shit! woo! The apogee btw is AMAZING and i suggest this for anyone whose on a budget and wants great quality for the price! anywho im in the library right now finishing up homework due today.. slacker mode is slowly coming back.. it needs to go away, now. anyways im starving having only eating half a mini burger last night and nothing today so far.. i really hope theres money in my debit (yn)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

we 'bout to blow up.. on rooftops!

Was so greatly blessed to perform on the Thompson's Hotel rooftop tonight for the relaunch of enRoute magazine. Shit. was. legit. the hotel firstly, was amazing. It felt like i was in a gossip girl episode. Had xylk tag along because i didn't wanna be alone while i performed. it was alright considering the fact that i was just background music to people's networking and conversations. but i was told that people were still listening which is good enough for me (: later on the night got to do a little of my own networking handing out my very amateur business cards and whatnot with xylk. And! saw sheena snively which got me real excited to talk to her and such. tonight was a great night. things are looking awesome! though my school's already kinda suffering and so is my sleep -___- with that being said i should really get started on my homework and take this much needed rest.. P L A IT!

i can't believe i was just there performing... view was AMAZING too!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Plaitwrights x Opera House For Gloc-9 & Bamboo!

Went to church this morning where the priest preached about God having confidence and the faith in us to do anything that will make this world a better place in His eyes. That we will have our doubts and insecurities but really, we shouldn't. knowing that God has a plan and faith in us is all we need to push through towards what we desire in all goodness. I found this in a clear example of what had happened afterwards. The chances were soo slim in having us (plaitwrights) perform for Gloc-9 and Bamboo's sold out, 19+ event at the Opera House. But with much prayer, connections, and very genuine artists, fate pulled though and i never felt so blessed in my life. I can honestly say that without the other half and one quarter (Xylk and Julius) i wouldn't be able to grow as the artist i am slowly turning out to be. I saw the faith and and confidence from God in the two of you and for that, i can feel even more blessed to know the two of you and be able to experience what we just did tonight. I have fully taken in and learned so much today and with that being said, here's to a much needed sleep! p l a it!

Nowhere but up my friends!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


For an assignment and i guess for my use now (: look out for the music imma be posting up throughout the year

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Its funny looking back..

Little Mermaid

The youtube worthy one (: 
ps. again with these nasty ass video stills -___-
MP3 of Up Up & Away as soon as i get all geared up which is hopefully this weekend! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

fails, farts and rain

Yesterday after a while of trying to take our pictures in rain and bad lighting.. we gave up to nachos

Sunday, September 18, 2011


sorry i haven't been updating! well here's a little recap of what's gwanin.. weeeeell. got an ear infection, can't sing too well when i can't hear too well. hoping it'll get better for the upcoming gigs plaitwrights have such as the debut on Friday (which is our dress rehearsal for our show on sunday...) AT THE FUCKING OPERA HOUSE lol opening for a famous filipino rapper Gloc-9 and band Bamboo (: and hopefully this other gig at a hotel for this magazine relaunch (: i have never felt so blessed in my life.. and unorganized.. shits everywhere, can't seem to keep my thoughts clear. the fact that everything i own is literally messy and scrambled all over the place isn't helping. i really wish i didn't work so much in the summer that i could've had my room done by now :( oh well, imma do it now then. for now, here's an oldish picture of me trying to pull off some megabon shit lol O_O

Sunday, September 11, 2011


my Coras first. their food actually matched the pictures and matching is always nice (:

Opa's goodbye

picked up my last check yesterday and found it in a little loot bag they gave to every worker for back to school :') it got me all giddy and happy inside (:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Today's been a pretty significant day for me. Today marks the first day of college, first day at my new job; HMV and the day we released Plaitwrights warning official music video. These are all just the beginning. Better things, I can feel it ! :)

Plaitwrights- Warning (Official Music Video)

There are tons of people who worked hard and put their input in all this. So we most def thank them! This here is the first of many. For now, here's all we got, Warning.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kid Cudi: Up Up and Away Cover

my little comeback to the youtube game lol so much has changed since my last video..
ps. youtube loves to pick the most amazing thumbnail stills of me.. it's amazing :P

Latest Original

this honestly isnt my best but i really felt like sharing this one real quick just cause. im pretty happy with the response i got from facebook just maybe not youtube worthy.. though im uploading something right now (:
i wrote this one a bit more than a week ago basically describing every change that is bound to happen in my life and my feelings towards it. school, work and music. i'm terrified but at the same time soo ready. going into school for practically trying to become a famous artist is a scary step for me. it's something i know i definitely want but the fear of taking every risk and completely blowing it scares the shit outta me. but im just gonna do it anyways. im gonna do it no matter what anyone may say. and im gonna do it cause i know it's what i want. like the little mermaid, knowing there was so much more than the sea, and though others tried to convince her otherwise, she still went and feared, learned, and grew as a person by doing so. so here's to her and all those who can relate! just.. DO IT (cause i know you're the only one reading this so imma reference you)

Thursday, September 1, 2011


from anticipation and temptation of seeing this music video of ours. yes it is up secretly somewhere and i have it downloaded in my computer but xylk's at orientation and I'm just here at home waiting for my shift, then will be there, waiting for my shift to end (which isn't till close) so that i can rush home to watch this damn video we've been waiting for all summer... even though i could watch it now which is why i am very tempted. xylk, if you're reading this i will kick you several times in the balls until they fall off and make you eat them if you watch the video while im at work cause im waiting too and dying as badly as you. AHH i can't wait. just looking at the thumbnail for the video looks awesome! ehehehehe!

I've been convinced

i want an Australian twin..damn.