Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I am but I'm not

I have been doing homework literally all day. unless you wanna count eating and watching maybe an hour of tv. and i still have soo much to do -___- and i only finished one of my assignments due tomorrow and didnt start studying for my exam.. i'm stressing but im not. i think im just too sleepy to actually be stressing. what sucks is im working tomorrow too :( i wont have time for anything this week.. boo! cant wait till friday!

New Cover!

what i did when i said i was recording (: enjoy as i slowly die under all this stress with studying and finishing assignments! ahh

"reminder to empty your bowels"

write grant. record. write grant. record. study. record. write grant.
a day when i have no school or work
a day at home

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Record, work, record

All I pretty much did today.. My awesome set up photo-stylized .. Again aha! I never really took in how many instruments I actually own. And this isn't everything and there's still so many I still want! Ahhh

When nonsense rap saved me

Taken a week ago.
"swag on my dick, bitch you crazy, bitch you lazy, suck my dick baby." 
If i dont have time to blog imma just blog through my phone more and just photo style the hell outta my pictures lol

Saturday, October 8, 2011

new fav

i needa find myself a band. lykke li did this a while back, but kudos to them for bringing it to north america
imma just copy both one day aha

Friday, October 7, 2011

random thought

i find i learn more about myself from other people and learn more about other people when im by myself. i dont know if that was already obvious to everyone, or if its already been on some next quote from tumblr or a cheesy show/movie that's turned into a subtitled gif of tumblr or something but i just felt like sayin it cause im bored.. though i could easily solve this boredom by sleeping, but im not, so i wrote this lol

better things

1. new room
i cant concentrate properly with this nasty orange room! and someone once told me since your room is the first thing you wake up to and the last thing you see before you sleep, it's an amazing way to keep positive when you enjoy and love your room. i wanna love my room so much i wouldnt wanna leave!
2. new journal
i was looking at journals today in the mall and remembered my journal from 2 years ago that i swore to write in everyday.. it lasted almost a year. i wanna get back on that and buy this one i've had my eye on for a while now
3. start using my school's gym
it's free (kinda) and it's dead there. and i find when i work out consistently, i eat better which means i would probably pack my food from home and spend less money
4. new bag
my back is killing me all the time from the one i just bought for school -__- it's the worst

i feel if i start with these little things, i can feel a bit better about sorting out whatevers wrong with my lazy ass self.. lets goo!!

early 2011

jayare updated my phone earlier this week to mango and helped me get windows 7 on my computer to actually sync it and personalize my phone for the first time since i got it.. almost a year ago lol so i guess to make this post a little interesting and give me a chance to look back, imma post some pictures i took over the past year i might post em on facebook if im not too lazy..

valentines pick up lines for the kisses i made for my cotillion


woooah i miss her :(


mah girls

music class: biggest loaft 

singing at the back of teaopia


jezer's "perfect" description of me lol he told me to give it to my mom

if you havent noticed, jaclyn's into superman/marvel

random painting place with jamie

breakfast at ashleys with jezer

night before the central gig

morning of the central gig at adies

the central calender

biking downtown

downhill lol

LOL he's lovely ..

goin to a ryerson interview which i knew i bombed but got accepted to lol

xylk's eggs :P

prob the best cookie ive ever had

i was an amazing host for my cotillion. 

with jayare

left my mark

in chicago.. too lazy to get outta the car

before our performance

yeh bitch, thats right.


i remembering it tasting a lot worse than it looked

jamie's "i <3 skeet" with pancakes .. random day at my place with like.. EVERYONE

old news now :P

last dance thing 

amazing burger.. 

first spare ladies LOL i just remembered the whole "running every morning thing" .. that failed.

performed for a cancer event

jamies birthday gift to me

jayare's comic: Super Josh LOL

surprise lunch!

"the rocks" probably my favourite place near my house still

breakfast in bedroom

my second frog.. at tim hortons lol

i kinda like them

backstage.. we're so ugly lol

rooftop with sheena!

they're back.. hearts in my food