Sunday, September 18, 2011


sorry i haven't been updating! well here's a little recap of what's gwanin.. weeeeell. got an ear infection, can't sing too well when i can't hear too well. hoping it'll get better for the upcoming gigs plaitwrights have such as the debut on Friday (which is our dress rehearsal for our show on sunday...) AT THE FUCKING OPERA HOUSE lol opening for a famous filipino rapper Gloc-9 and band Bamboo (: and hopefully this other gig at a hotel for this magazine relaunch (: i have never felt so blessed in my life.. and unorganized.. shits everywhere, can't seem to keep my thoughts clear. the fact that everything i own is literally messy and scrambled all over the place isn't helping. i really wish i didn't work so much in the summer that i could've had my room done by now :( oh well, imma do it now then. for now, here's an oldish picture of me trying to pull off some megabon shit lol O_O

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