Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bring it!

Was super later for school today, woke up at exactly the time my class started. But my prof was really nice to me so it was all good (: then worked out with Mae for the first time in ... don't even know how long it's been lol since i've stopped dancing, the only kind of exercise i've been getting was running to my bus stop. WHICH I CAN'T STAND cause i end up breathing real hard for the next 5 mins in my seat and it's just embarrassing. Exercising made us feel really good after. We promised each other to do it every tuesday and thursday.. though i might wanna do it tomorrow. Working out made me feel so good I cooked my own vegetarian dinner when i got home. My mom just tried my leftovers, she wants me to cook all the time now lol great.. though it's fun.. when i don't fail and burn things. and just found out about Clara C's cover contest and I AM MOST DEFINITELY DOING IT. Just learned heartstrings and gonna plan it out so can record it in the studio at school. Im hoping to finish it in two weeks from now to accumulate enough views to make it to the top 10! ahhhhh im excited. BRING IT.

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