Thursday, January 12, 2012

day off

first day off from school, work and anything i normally do in a while. had 11 hrs of sleep. woke up at 2, ate, went to school to pick up mics and met up with the birthday boy, Anil! had lunch/dinner with him at a mexican place then went to the mall to pick up some things for my room. ended buying an easel for my sister cause the only art store in the mall is closing ): what was originally $149 i got for $47 it was a paaaain to bring home though. i felt so awkward being a small girl carrying a huge ass easel on the bus, huge bags from DeSerres and Dollarama, two mics and a bag. a complete workout. now im too tired to do anything. hopefully showering now will wake me up. gonna do some stuff for school, decorate the cork boards i finally put up aaaand hopefully wont be too lazy to record or else going to school today would've been half pointless. gonna wake up early to workout tomorrow.. after today's trip home experience, 4 weeks of being inactive has me realizing how out of shape i am. hopefully i'll be able to get back to working out the way i did before the christmas break :/ leeeggooo! 

 (chocolate milk in sour cream)

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