Wednesday, January 11, 2012

method to my madness

woke up to my dad nagging at me to get off my bed and take my mattress off cause my new one came in!
im so happy, this is my first legit bed. been using my old one since i was off the crib
rolled around in it as soon as it was settled.. my dad just watched me lol
school was great as usual. met a new prof for live sound who is amazing! 
he's just a really interesting, intelligent man who quotes and references just about everything
"im like a simpsons episode"
and then had work which was chill as usual felt talkative today and had tons of 
conversations with customers. finally got an album from the huge stack i have held in employee holds
i have about 9 more to buy slowly.. and i'll just keep buying more.. i have a problem.
heard gimme some was a good one. oh and also got the first 3 Xmens
then jamie took me home and got to catch up with the girl. finally! (: 
day off tomorrow, dunno what to do

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  1. lol i STILL have my bed from when I was a baby. It's over 20 years old!