Tuesday, January 10, 2012


the break was pretty hectic. worked like crazy the first two weeks cause of christmas and boxing week. the store actually wasnt that bad at all. and my manager was sick at the back most of the time so everyone else in the front just fucked around basically. christmas like all past christmases recently didnt really feel like christmas, especially cause it didnt snow. but christmas morning was really nice with my family, serious bonding moments. This christmas i kinda went all out on the gifts i bought so i was excited to give them. first time i realized how much i like buying people things i know they'd like. i actually got a "this is the best gift i've ever gotten" from a co worker im not all that close with.
the last week was basically plaitwrights stuff. shooting for hometown punc. and band practices for our gigs coming up. the practices were really productive and fun (: came up with crazy renditions to our own songs.  can't wait to perform them!
the filming was fun too. got to dress up in xylks clothes, double ride on a bike with 9 other bikes in ski masks and pretend to be violent and shit. the only downside was the cold. especially the last day of shooting! and having cold urticaria didnt help too much... AND HOLY CRAP i just googled cold urticaria (cause i spelled it wrong) and it said it could result to fainting, shock or death :| ahh thats so scary..
but yeah last day was baaad i actually ended up breaking down a bit.. i felt like such a softy. had mad respect for xylk and saw how much this video meant to him sucking it up and finishing the footage (:
school started yesterday and im loving the new courses right now.. it scares me to be in a program thats perfect for me and only be there for a year. in a few months, that's it. im gonna take everything i've learned and do this. be an independent artist. damn. it's just a little frightening to me still but i have to get out there sometime. and i guess the sooner the better? we'll see.
anyways that was long, sorry to bore you if you actually read this far! :P

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