Saturday, September 3, 2011

Latest Original

this honestly isnt my best but i really felt like sharing this one real quick just cause. im pretty happy with the response i got from facebook just maybe not youtube worthy.. though im uploading something right now (:
i wrote this one a bit more than a week ago basically describing every change that is bound to happen in my life and my feelings towards it. school, work and music. i'm terrified but at the same time soo ready. going into school for practically trying to become a famous artist is a scary step for me. it's something i know i definitely want but the fear of taking every risk and completely blowing it scares the shit outta me. but im just gonna do it anyways. im gonna do it no matter what anyone may say. and im gonna do it cause i know it's what i want. like the little mermaid, knowing there was so much more than the sea, and though others tried to convince her otherwise, she still went and feared, learned, and grew as a person by doing so. so here's to her and all those who can relate! just.. DO IT (cause i know you're the only one reading this so imma reference you)

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