Sunday, September 25, 2011

Plaitwrights x Opera House For Gloc-9 & Bamboo!

Went to church this morning where the priest preached about God having confidence and the faith in us to do anything that will make this world a better place in His eyes. That we will have our doubts and insecurities but really, we shouldn't. knowing that God has a plan and faith in us is all we need to push through towards what we desire in all goodness. I found this in a clear example of what had happened afterwards. The chances were soo slim in having us (plaitwrights) perform for Gloc-9 and Bamboo's sold out, 19+ event at the Opera House. But with much prayer, connections, and very genuine artists, fate pulled though and i never felt so blessed in my life. I can honestly say that without the other half and one quarter (Xylk and Julius) i wouldn't be able to grow as the artist i am slowly turning out to be. I saw the faith and and confidence from God in the two of you and for that, i can feel even more blessed to know the two of you and be able to experience what we just did tonight. I have fully taken in and learned so much today and with that being said, here's to a much needed sleep! p l a it!

Nowhere but up my friends!

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