Tuesday, September 27, 2011

we 'bout to blow up.. on rooftops!

Was so greatly blessed to perform on the Thompson's Hotel rooftop tonight for the relaunch of enRoute magazine. Shit. was. legit. the hotel firstly, was amazing. It felt like i was in a gossip girl episode. Had xylk tag along because i didn't wanna be alone while i performed. it was alright considering the fact that i was just background music to people's networking and conversations. but i was told that people were still listening which is good enough for me (: later on the night got to do a little of my own networking handing out my very amateur business cards and whatnot with xylk. And! saw sheena snively which got me real excited to talk to her and such. tonight was a great night. things are looking awesome! though my school's already kinda suffering and so is my sleep -___- with that being said i should really get started on my homework and take this much needed rest.. P L A IT!

i can't believe i was just there performing... view was AMAZING too!

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