Friday, October 7, 2011

better things

1. new room
i cant concentrate properly with this nasty orange room! and someone once told me since your room is the first thing you wake up to and the last thing you see before you sleep, it's an amazing way to keep positive when you enjoy and love your room. i wanna love my room so much i wouldnt wanna leave!
2. new journal
i was looking at journals today in the mall and remembered my journal from 2 years ago that i swore to write in everyday.. it lasted almost a year. i wanna get back on that and buy this one i've had my eye on for a while now
3. start using my school's gym
it's free (kinda) and it's dead there. and i find when i work out consistently, i eat better which means i would probably pack my food from home and spend less money
4. new bag
my back is killing me all the time from the one i just bought for school -__- it's the worst

i feel if i start with these little things, i can feel a bit better about sorting out whatevers wrong with my lazy ass self.. lets goo!!

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