Friday, October 7, 2011

early 2011

jayare updated my phone earlier this week to mango and helped me get windows 7 on my computer to actually sync it and personalize my phone for the first time since i got it.. almost a year ago lol so i guess to make this post a little interesting and give me a chance to look back, imma post some pictures i took over the past year i might post em on facebook if im not too lazy..

valentines pick up lines for the kisses i made for my cotillion


woooah i miss her :(


mah girls

music class: biggest loaft 

singing at the back of teaopia


jezer's "perfect" description of me lol he told me to give it to my mom

if you havent noticed, jaclyn's into superman/marvel

random painting place with jamie

breakfast at ashleys with jezer

night before the central gig

morning of the central gig at adies

the central calender

biking downtown

downhill lol

LOL he's lovely ..

goin to a ryerson interview which i knew i bombed but got accepted to lol

xylk's eggs :P

prob the best cookie ive ever had

i was an amazing host for my cotillion. 

with jayare

left my mark

in chicago.. too lazy to get outta the car

before our performance

yeh bitch, thats right.


i remembering it tasting a lot worse than it looked

jamie's "i <3 skeet" with pancakes .. random day at my place with like.. EVERYONE

old news now :P

last dance thing 

amazing burger.. 

first spare ladies LOL i just remembered the whole "running every morning thing" .. that failed.

performed for a cancer event

jamies birthday gift to me

jayare's comic: Super Josh LOL

surprise lunch!

"the rocks" probably my favourite place near my house still

breakfast in bedroom

my second frog.. at tim hortons lol

i kinda like them

backstage.. we're so ugly lol

rooftop with sheena!

they're back.. hearts in my food

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